Voluntary Work

I spent 18 months living in Santiago de Chile where I was involved in two projects:






Over ten months I created, implemented and completed a project based in Santiago to teach a group of underprivileged children about architecture, recycling and how to build. I partnered with a local school, a Non-Governmental Organization and the council. The project went ahead in two phases: during the three weeks of phase one I taught the children how to design by drawing and model making at different scales using a curriculum I had created myself. The children designed a school, their dream house and then worked collaboratively to design a real life garden for their school. Phase two lasted for six weeks and included the successful build of a large bench constructed from concrete and recycled bottle bricks that were collected by the school. The entire project was conducted in Spanish.


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Fundación Las Parcelas:


Fundación Las Parcelas is a small charity that cares for a group of around 40 children in a very deprived area of Santiago in Chile. I volunteered my time to design and build a small structure (Galpon) and playground to be used by Fundación Las Parcelas. This was an opportunity to lead a project from inception to completion and a useful lesson in communication through drawing. I still keep links with this charity and recently fundraised for their relocation.